Bringing the Text to Life

Smile Unto the Lord a New Smile Psalm 98

Smile Unto the Lord a New Smile

Christianity’s great secret, that the promise of deliverance is true, puts a smile on our face.

Botox. It’s not just for erasing age lines anymore.

Now it’s also for planting a smile on your face, more or less permanently.

Yes, the primary cosmetic use of Botox is still by people who want to look younger, but it has also become the treatment of choice for a whole host of people who want to appear serene or happy no matter what they may actually be feeling. What we’re going to see in this psalm is that when God is in our life, we don’t have to wear a fake smile. The smile on our face will be genuine.

Back to Botox: In the ruthless marketplace of capitalism, business and sales, letting your true emotion show can mean losing a sale, coming out on the short end of a negotiation, missing a job opportunity, or not prevailing when representing a client before a jury.

So a growing number of lawyers, bankers, stockbrokers and salespeople are having Botox shots to shape their faces into poses of tranquility. With just a few injections, they are wiping away frowns,...

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