Bringing the Text to Life

The Visibility Cloak Ephesians 2:1-10

The Visibility Cloak

When we put on the Lord Jesus, we wrap ourselves in a cloak that reflects God’s light to the world.

Harry Potter has his Cloak of Invisibility, which he throws on to make himself disappear at critical points in his magical adventures. It shields him completely from being seen by other people, and it cannot be worn out by time or spells. It becomes such a prized possession that Harry decides to keep it at the end of the seven-book series, and pass it on to his descendants.

Don’t you wish that you were a member of Harry’s family?

There are times when we’d all like to disappear. When we try to say something funny in a large group of people, and nobody laughs. When we work up our courage to ask someone out, and the person responds with, “Let’s just be friends.” When our minds go blank in the middle of an oral report at school, or a sales pitch to a client. When the ball is passed to us at a critical point in a game, and it goes right through our fingers.

If only we had that Cloak of Invisibility!

At other times, we want to be shielded because we are...

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