Bringing the Text to Life

The Flagpole Fixation Psalm 19

The Flagpole Fixation

We stand in awe when humans attempt something great, but nothing is as awe-inspiring as the world around us.

Skyscrapers are so passé. Sure we still build them, we still marvel at them, and the tourists crowding the streets of New York, Taipei, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur still crane their necks to see them. But gone are the days when really big buildings become really big news.

Nowadays it’s another man-made marvel that’s becoming the must-have, newsworthy symbol of modern ingenuity: the flagpole. At least that’s the vision David Chambers wants you to believe.

For the past eight years Chambers has been in the business of building the world’s largest flagpoles, with his small company at the center of a “monster-flagpole boom” sweeping across Central Asia and the Middle East. His latest project, a pole that is slated to stand some 532 feet tall, is located in the Azerbaijan capital of Baku. When completed, it will hold the record of world’s tallest flagpole — but not for long. Clients are lining up, especially in the oil-rich areas of the world, each requesting that theirs be the last to hold...

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