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The Best Lemonade Stand Ever! Ephesians 1:3-14

The Best Lemonade Stand Ever!

In the midst of winter, some kids are already planning for summer. What can we learn from Paul about planning for the new year?

You’ve heard the old adage: “If life gives you lemons —” Let the congregation finish this for you.

Two thousand aught eight was a lemony year. A real lemon of a year. This being the first Sunday of the new year, we’re now looking ahead at what we hope will be a vintage year for lemonade.

Many kids are taking this quite literally. While their parents are wondering how to make ends meet, many kids now have an opportunity to make literally some great lemonade and get rewarded for it — beyond their wildest dreams.

Inc. magazine loves the entrepreneurial spirit of the cul-de-sac lemonade stand, so they started a contest a few years back to honor “The Best Lemonade Stand in America.” Each year, entries come in from around the country with pictures of fresh-faced youngsters smiling behind pitchers of sparkling liquid gold. The optimism of these kids, though, goes way beyond racking up cash for chasing down the ice cream truck. Many of these...

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