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License-Plate Christianity Ephesians 1:15-23

License-Plate Christianity

If you had to express your faith in one or two words, what would you say? Don’t feel bad. The apostle Paul couldn’t do it either — at least not in this text.

Go to and you’ll see actual photos of some funny license plates.

Not ha-ha-funny, but interesting-funny. Like FD2BLCK or LITTLEBUS, a plate that’s on a little yellow hatchback. Another one reads: IM SAY1N, and NVR2LATE. This latter plate is all banged up. Obviously, at some point, the rear of the car met the front end of another. Too late.

As everyone who has ever paid for license plates knows, for a little extra money, you can purchase specialty plates for your vehicle. Some states even hire a couple of people to study the submissions to ensure that nothing nasty and obscene gets on the road. Generally, the intent is benign.

• In some states, you can display plates that support the university you attended.

• Others support a group or organization to which you belong, like an animal-rights group.

• Some states offer NASCAR-themed plates.

• Some states offer “Share the Road” plates that bear an image of a bicyclist and encourage safe vehicle operation...

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