Bringing the Text to Life

The Habits of a High-Impact Church Philippians 2:1-13

The Habits of a High-Impact Church

Business blockbusters, theology and a tall vanilla latte. What happens when Christ and Commerce share space on your bookstore shelves?

Exactly when was it that all of the hottest business books got stacked onto pastoral “must-read” lists? Somebody somewhere realized that the corporation and the congregation had the same need: leveraging leadership in order to peddle a product.

Now the commonalities between churches and companies end quickly: the product, the purpose, the power behind the pedal. And it’s always easier to claim that we are oceans apart instead of seeking out common ground.

But the growing trend among clergy is to glean inspiration for excellence in the pages of Scripture first and in The New York Times Bestseller list next.

Good to Great told us to get the right people on the bus. Freakonomics made us audit our preaching and leadership in search of the capital of incentive. Blink encouraged us to trust our gut instincts. Tipping Point inspired us to expand kingdom ideas through viral marketing — utilizing the connectors and promoters of our congregations.

Then there are the classics. One-Minute Manager...

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