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Clam Chowder Christians Romans 7:15-25a

Clam Chowder Christians

Scientists find the world’s oldest living thing, and then accidentally kill it. There in lies a lesson for us all.

Certain ironic events can only be met with a head shake and a smile. Consider the recent discovery of the world’s oldest living animal.

Welsh scientists were studying change in the marine environment off the coast of Iceland by examining variations in the shells of mollusks from the area seabed. By counting one clam’s annual growth rings, they determined it to be 405 to 410 years old.

That smashes previous records for the world’s oldest animal. Guinness had officially cited another clam as the record holder at 220 years, though an unofficial record was given to a clam believed to be 374 years old.

At 405 years old, this clam preceded the first American colony at Jamestown, Shakespeare’s penning of Macbeth and any of Rembrandt’s brilliant artwork — he wasn’t even born yet! How old is this clam? This clam’s older than … [If you have a well-humored senior or well-liked staff member in your congregation, this would be a great place to insert a joke about his or her age].

But here’s the...

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