Bringing the Text to Life

Under-bearing Fathers Genesis 22:1-14

Under-bearing Fathers

On Father’s Day, we thank our dads for being dads. But some fathers are giving fathers a bad name, and therein may lie lessons for all of us.

Father’s Day is usually a great day for dads to take a break — do nothing, take a nap, get some gifts, have a nice meal made for them. But some fathers in our churches are a bit overbearing with their kids: They need to learn that taking a break isn’t just a Father’s Day thing, it is a fathering thing. On the other hand, some fathers are a bit underwhelming: They need to be reminded that doing nothing might work on this day, but it’s no way to be a dad the rest of the year. The fathers, however, that many of us have had — or the fathers that we are — fortunately were not and are not under-whelming, or over-bearing, but under-bearing. Like our heavenly Father. Read on. You’ll see what we mean.

Underwhelming Fathers

Stephan B. Poulter is a psychologist and expert on parenting. He notes, “We live in a society where fathers are often emotionally absent at home; they cede much of the parenting responsibility to moms. Children possess a...

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