Bringing the Text to Life

Entourage Energy Matthew 9:35-10:8 (9-23)

Entourage Energy

One person can make a difference. But when one does, you can bet he or she has had some help. And that includes Jesus.

The word “entourage” has been around for a long time — it has its roots in old French — but you may be more familiar with it as the name of a comedy series on HBO. That show is about the day-to-day life of a rising young actor in Hollywood and the group of friends he brought with him from their hometown in Queens, New York. Those friends, along with the actor’s agent, are his entourage, the flock who surround him and find in his stardom their reason for existence as a group.

MAC users might recognize “entourage” as the name of a Microsoft program that helps to manage and sort e-mail, something like Outlook or Outlook Express. It offers calendar features, task lists and an expanded address book — all features that, one might suppose, you’d ordinarily need an entourage of support and staff people to help you do. This little program is your own personal “entourage.” It gives you life-support and you don’t need a...

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