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Ultramarathon Faith Genesis 12:1-9

Ultramarathon Faith

Distance runners have to accept that the finish line is miles ahead, that obstacles are going to surprise them and that the big picture is often cloudy.

One step at a time.

That’s the only way to run a marathon. Focus too much on the finish line, and you’ll never complete the course.

On his 40th birthday, a Presbyterian pastor named Henry Brinton was challenged to run the Marine Corps Marathon. The man issuing the challenge was a friend who happened to be a Catholic priest. Henry thought he was crazy.

“I had no experience as a runner,” writes Brinton in Washingtonian magazine (November 2007), “and the prospect of 26.2 miles was daunting. But I needed a midlife challenge. My priest friend had run several marathons, so he gave me some tips and turned me loose.”

“The first time I hit the road, I ran for three minutes and had to stop, gasping for breath. But after walking for seven minutes, I was able to run for another three, and then I walked another seven and ran three. Over several weeks, my running increased and my walking decreased until I could run for an hour. And then I ran two hours.”

“If you can run two hours, you can run four...

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