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The Kilogram Shift Psalm 46

The Kilogram Shift

That God is immutable means that he is our refuge, even if the world changes in terrifying ways.

At this moment, your body temperature is probably about 310.15.

Well, okay, we’re not talking either Fahrenheit or Celsius here, but at 310.15, you should be feeling just fine.

That number is from the Kelvin scale, and it’s the equivalent of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and of 37 degrees Celsius. Kelvin is a temperature scale used in some scientific applications. It’s an important tool of measurement when temperature readings have to be precise because it’s built on a standard that doesn’t change under any circumstances.

Specifically, the Kelvin scale is based on something known as the “triple point of water,” the condition that is present at the only temperature-and-pressure combination where water exists simultaneously as a gas, a liquid and a solid.

You stop reading right now, and preach a sermon on the Trinity. And, while we’re digressing, you could call your sermon “Kelvin and Christ,” which, if your denomination is in the Reformed tradition, offers some interesting word play. But,...

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