Bringing the Text to Life

This Might Hurt 1 Peter 1:3-9

This Might Hurt

Fairy Godmother, Genie in a Lamp, Magic Wand — everyone wants an Easy Button out from hard knocks. But faith means walking through suffering, not around it.

“That was easy.”

It’s the trademarked company slogan of Staples, the rising star among office supply megastores. When it comes to meeting our office supply needs, Staples has us covered. Piece of cake.

Fans of the NBC hit sitcom The Office recognize Staples as a primary sponsor of the show as well as a “character” in the plot line. Staples is the national chain that little-guy paper company Dunder Mifflin always loses business to. The crew from The Office is old school about sales techniques: “Business to business. The old-fashioned way. No Blackberrys. No Web sites.”

But not Staples. They use this newfangled thing called the Internet. You can even buy their paper on it. Converted Dunder Mifflin clients claim that the Staples Web site makes it easy.

Just a little subtle ad placement in an otherwise brilliantly written television show.

The ad campaign for Staples has won industry awards for its creative spots containing The Easy Button. It’s a cherry-red, plastic, dome-shaped button with...

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