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God So Googled the Cosmos John 3:1-17

God So Googled the Cosmos

When God looks at the world, he sees us who inhabit it through the lens of love.

What does God see when God looks at the world? For that question even to make sense you have to either buy or sell the idea that God is “out there” somewhere at all.

But if you buy it, then perhaps what just came to your mind was one of those pictures of our planet taken from the lunar module that make it look like a blue marble hanging in space. Problem is, such pictures cannot be the extent of the divine view because the Bible describes God as being intimately involved in the lives of humankind, and the blue marble perspective is just too distant.

Maybe now, however, we have a better “God’s-eye” view.

It’s called “Google Earth.”

That’s the name of a program you can download to your computer from Google, the leading Internet search-engine company, and it’s described as a “virtual globe” application. Its inventors have created a three-dimensional map of the earth by superimposing satellite images, aerial photographs ...

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