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Putting the Protest Back in Protestant Romans 3:19-28

Putting the Protest Back in Protestant

The protest of the reformers was a positive witness to the power of God. We have the privilege of making that protest today.

A Story: “Let’s Go on a Diet.” Just to be clear: In politics, a diet is a formal deliberative assembly. The term is derived from medieval Latin dietas, and ultimately comes from the Latin dies, “day.” The word came to be used in this sense because these assemblies met on a daily basis.

Or at least this is what we learn from Wikipedia.

To proceed: In March, 1529, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charles V, called a council of the religious leaders and the princes to deal with the growing rebellion against the established church.

They met in the German town of Speyer (sometimes spelled “Spires”), and the gathering itself was called the second Diet of Speyer, to distinguish it from a previous diet held in that city three years earlier.

The first Diet of Speyer had provided a measure of religious tolerance, and in the interim between the two gatherings, the princes of several of the states in the empire had actually encouraged the reform movement in the churches in their...

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