Bringing the Text to Life

It’s No Secret 1 Timothy 6:6-19

It’s No Secret

Health and Wealth isn’t just a derogatory descriptor of Christian theology gone awry. It’s the Secret, and it’s whispering lies of happiness into our ears.

Imagine a young man — call him Timothy — who’s just finished his education and is headed out into the real world. He’s bright, talented and loaded with potential. Our culture will encourage Timothy to dream several dreams.

Be happy. A recent survey informs us that 84 percent of Americans describe themselves as “pretty happy” or “very happy.” If Timothy is to be happy, the findings suggest that to be merry he should marry, be a Republican, an evangelical Protestant, locate himself in the upper-middle class, live in a warm climate, be a Caucasian of course, and be a senior citizen.

Well, Timothy is 22 so he’s no senior citizen, but perhaps he can be happy anyway.

Be healthy. Just a like a herd of Darwin-driven antelope, there’s little room in our society for the sick, weak and frail. Our magazine covers, billboards and TV screens all speak to our obsession with health and beauty. So young Timothy is going to hit the ...

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