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Gum Control Legislation Philippians 3:4b-14

Gum Control Legislation

The careless disposal of chewing gum has left Europe in a sticky situation. How do we get rid of the sticky stuff of our past?

There’s a bit of a sticky wicket developing in the U.K, and indeed across all of Europe, costing millions of dollars to control and causing stonking battles between officials and lobbyists in the halls of government. It’s a crime wave of unusual proportions that threatens public health and safety everywhere from subways to street corners, and police have become extra vigilant looking for the perpetrators. Awareness campaigns have been launched with billboards and media blitzes calling for the public to eradicate this menace.

Just what is the problem that has the Old World’s knickers in a twist and stuck in a climate of disgust and disarray? A new form of terrorism? A potential pandemic that threatens public health?

You could say that it’s both … sort of. It’s black (and other colors), it’s insidious, and while it may not be life-threatening it is certainly gag-inducing.

Chewing gum, i.e., gum that has been chewed — and eschewed, expectorated,...

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