Bringing the Text to Life Luke 2:41-52

The popularity of social networking sites like has exploded as people, especially kids, try out new identities for others to see. How do we determine our true identities?

Let’s talk about two preteens.

Both of them are the focus of the lectionary texts this week and could be models for the hottest trend on the Internet right now, because cyberspace is dominated by MySpace.

But there’s a caveat. For Samuel and for Jesus, the focus wasn’t about “my” identity, my individuality, my issues, my parents and my crappy or happy life. Instead, they saw their profiles and purpose fully housed in HisSpace — a God-defined identity of calling and purpose.

Background: Back in the day, a period known as PC (pre-computer), most kids made friends the old-fashioned way: by moving in next door or sharing common interests on the playground or in the classroom. It wasn’t called “social networking” back then — just “making friends.”

Computers have changed the world since then, however, and now making friends simply requires some bandwidth and a few mouse clicks. Your average teen now has access to a...

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