Bringing the Text to Life

The Bad Business Bureau Job 23:1-9, 16-17

The Bad Business Bureau

Job wanted God to give him a hearing, but he got no response. Job’s faith survived nonetheless, even when all evidence seemed to make faith foolish.

Have a beef with a boutique? Feeling enmity at an enterprise? Steamed at a store? Crabby about a corporation? Ripped off by a retailer? Embittered at an emporium? Is there some clerk whose clock you’d like to clean?

Sooner or later, most of us have some experience with the trade or business world that makes us wish we had an easy recourse for at least registering a complaint. There is, of course, the Better Business Bureau, and that agency can be quite effective in resolving a dispute between a consumer and a company, but that doesn’t happen in every case. And sometimes, your gripe is not over a product or a transaction, but over a perceived attitude; you just don’t like how you were treated.

Well, now there is a place to chronicle your crying. It’s called the Bad Business Bureau, and it is found on the Internet at It’s an aggrieved consumer’s paradise where once you register your criticism, it stays on the public record for as...

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