Bringing the Text to Life

Dome on the Range John 6:56-69

Dome on the Range

Being homeless is part of what it is to be human. How do Christians respond to homelessness? Where is our true home? Our true home is in Christ.

A year ago, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, leaving hundreds of thousands homeless and city-less.

The response was a mixture of the shocking and the amazing. Shocking, because FEMA was spectacularly slow to respond, and amazing because the American people were just as spectacularly willing to pitch in and help.

In the aftermath of Katrina’s winds, despair was rampant. But churches, civic centers, hotels, motels, trailer parks, corporations, army bases and private homes throughout the nation opened their doors to these American refugees. It wasn’t only assistance that Americans gave. There were sweatshirts, sliced bread, bottled aspirin, bus rides, doctoring and a thousand other items and services offered back in those days.

One proposal that as far as we know never got off the ground for Katrina people, was the suggestion to erect temporary shelter in the form of dome homes.

Let’s be truthful rather than kind — said politely, little white dome homes are...

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