Bringing the Text to Life

Look-Alikes Ephesians 1:3-14


Do you have a celebrity look-alike? Next question: Are you a Christ look-alike?

“Has anyone ever told you that you look like … [insert your own celebrity comparison here]?”

Wouldn’t we all like to hear that more often? “You look just like Keira Knightley [or Brad Pitt]!”

“Get outta here! No I don’t. Stop messin’ with my head. There’s no way … really? Keira Knightley. Yeah, well, I guess.”

If no one has ever said anything like that to you, we’ve got a Web site for you to take a look at. allows a user to upload a head shot to their Web site, and then a computer algorithm will analyze the image for distinct facial features which are compared to a database of some 2,500 celebrities. Then the uploaded image is matched against comparable famous faces, with each match being ranked by a percentile similarity score.

The concept brings a whole new meaning to the old song “She’s got Bette Davis eyes.”

It’s an interesting activity, unless, of course, the facial match tells you ...

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