Bringing the Text to Life

Uncommon Scents Mark 4:35-41

Uncommon Scents

What your nose knows about trust isn’t always to be trusted, unless your nose is leading you to faith.


It now comes in a bottle. A New York City lab claims to have bottled trust. They say: After showering in the morning simply spray a squirt or two of odorless Liquid Trust onto your skin, and then the people you meet during the next few hours will trust you without their knowing why they trust you.

Common sense would tell you that this is nuts. Sounds weird. One whiff and they — will— inexplicably — trust — you.

No way!

Do you have a speech to give to Congress tomorrow and want them all to believe you? Spray on Liquid Trust. Do you want the boss to believe you? Dab on Liquid Trust. Do you want to sell that beat-up old jalopy on the back lot for more than it’s worth to a sucker? Use Liquid Trust.

What’s in Liquid Trust? Vero Labs profess that they bottle the naturally occurring and odorless hormone oxcytocin. Oxcytocin is the actual scientifically proven elixir of trust. It’s a naturally occurring human hormone that plays a significant...

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