Bringing the Text to Life

Together Again Genesis 45:1-15

Together Again

Families sometimes have to divide before they can reunite in a better place. In Genesis, an awful separation set the stage for an awesome reconciliation.

Mustafa is a truck driver.

In the aftermath of last January’s tsunami in Southeast Asia, he had no idea where his 5-year-old daughter, Rina, might be.

When he was reunited with her, he held her in his arms, overwhelmed with emotion. He fell to his knees and and cried out his daughter’s name over and over. “By the grace of God! I knew you were alive! I knew it!” Mustafa screamed at the reunification. “My precious little one, I did not give up. I kept looking.”

The following account comes from the Save the Children Web Site:

“Mustafa was on his way to Medan, miles away from Banda Aceh, when the devastating tsunami hit. When he returned home he discovered his wife and daughter were missing. Unfortunately, Rina’s mother is still missing.

“Since being separated from her parents, two older sisters and extended family, Rina was registered with Save the Children and was being cared for by a woman named Mutya in Banda Aceh.

“The day...

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