Bringing the Text to Life

Power Issues Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26

Power Issues

The most important people of history? Consult the latest list, and you’ll be surprised at the rankings.

He’s not Number One.

Or Two. Or even Five or Ten.

He’s 21.

Check it out. In a recent issue of Details magazine, every pastor’s Bible on what is Very Important, Jesus is listed as the 21st most powerful person under age 38.

At the top of the list are the Abu Ghraib prison scandal soldiers, infamous for their powerful cruelty. At No. 2 are the Google guys, incredibly wealthy because of their powerful Internet search engine. At No. 3 is the mastermind of, famous for his powerful political movement.

All politics is local. Abu Ghraib soldiers ahead of Jesus?

Also beating Jesus in the list game are Nelly and Usher, celebrities who — like Jesus himself — don’t even need to bother with last names.

Halfway down the list you get to Jesus. “The reason Jesus is on the list is partly tongue in cheek,” admits Details editor Brian Sarnham, “but obviously there’s Mel Gibson’s film ... as well as the 40 million evangelicals who...

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