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The Hidden Message of Water Genesis 6:9-22; 7:24; 8:14-19

The Hidden Message of Water

A Japanese pseudo-scientist believes that water crystals have meaningful messages for us. Water had a meaningful message for Noah, too. Help!. Get me outta here!

In the beginning, God had an idea. About water.

With just a word from God, a dome appeared, separating the waters from the waters. The waters above the dome were separated from waters under the dome. God called the dome Sky. And it was good.

A little later, God created humankind, and that was a good day, too.

A long time later humankind wasn’t so good; in fact, humankind was behaving in an ugly fashion. Then God had another idea about water and with another word, water came, floods of it.

It fell from the sky, it rose high on the earth, and God’s simmering anger drenched everything everywhere, and only those few animals and humans aboard the boat survived. The earth was purified. Moreover, that, too, was good — for us — but largely ugly for those parked without an ark.

A long, long, long time later, it was a good night for Dr. Masaru Emoto, who likewise wants to purify us, albeit differently, and who had traveled from Japan to Minnesota to do so, by spouting...

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