Bringing the Text to Life

Wisteria Luke 15:1-10


Desperate housewives, women on Wall Street,soccer moms behind the wheel of an SUV — and hey! — the rest of us — are all searching for something to make us complete.


It’s the name of a lovely twisting vine with beautiful cascading blossoms. This flower of the pea family is known for its ability to climb high; yet, unless controlled, unless regularly pruned with sharp tools, wisteria will utterly destroy whatever it clings to.

It’ll tear down brick walls, crush the life from oak trees, ruin gardens, and blossom with beauty and sweetness the entire time.

Wisteria Lane is the appropriate address of the five provocative, tantalizing, and bewitching women of the controversial Desperate Housewives, that darkly comedic and satirical nighttime soap opera hit. The five leading women — three of whom are mothers, one who isn’t, and the narrator, who is dead — are TV’s new and exaggerated depictions of suburban motherhood in the post-feminist age.

On Wisteria Lane the twists of manipulation, deception, tomfoolery, theft, sex, social gaffes, alienation, false assumptions, adultery, addictions, jealousy, blackmail,...

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