Bringing the Text to Life

Calculated Repentance Isaiah 58:1-12

Calculated Repentance

Many medical centers are now encouraging their doctors to apologize for major medical errors — as a tactic for heading off lawsuits. But does repentance count if it is blatantly self-serving?

We all make mistakes.

But there are mistakes and there are mistakes.

If a barber makes a mistake, he calls it a new hairstyle.

If your boss makes a mistake, it’s not his mistake — it’s your mistake.

If a driver makes a mistake, it’s probably an accident.

But if a doctor makes a mistake — it could cost a life.

A 17-year-old at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina gets a long-awaited heart-lung transplant only to die after he received the organs from a donor with the wrong blood type.

A heart catherization is performed on the wrong person.

The right leg is amputated instead of the left one.

Your heart problem is misdiagnosed or the wrong medication is prescribed.

Granted, our experience with doctors and the medical profession are overwhelmingly positive. But mistakes happen, and if a mistake happened to you, what would you expect to hear from your doctor?

(A) No explanation or comment whatsoever?

(B) Statements of defense and denial?

(C) Full disclosure of the error and a...

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