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Smart Pills and Wise Living 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5

Smart Pills and Wise Living

Scientists are working on a new generation of drugs to boost our brainpower and maximize our memory, forgetting that the key to wisdom has already been found, in a book. The Book.

Fruit flies and sea slugs.

There’s a chance these creatures may improve your own cerebral output. Research on these organisms promises to provide us with a number of innovative medicines to enhance the memory, including what some are calling “Viagra for the brain.”

Two renowned scientists and the biotech companies they founded are planning on it. Dr. Eric Kandal, Professor of Columbia University and the 2000 Nobel Prize winner for his study of cellular mechanisms of learning and memory, first started his research on sea slugs in the 1950s, when many people discounted any practical results. The founder of Memory Pharmaceuticals, Kandal firmly believes that within a few years there will be a pill that will dramatically improve one’s memory and lead to other medications that significantly alter the brain chemistry.

Tim Tully and Jerry Yin in Cold Springs Harbor laboratory in New York have demonstrated that fruit flies injected with a protein called CREB (c-AMP...

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