Bringing the Text to Life

Parked in Dopey Luke 15:1-10

Parked in Dopey

Forget where you put your car in Disney World, and a cast of professionally perky parking attendants will use a host of high-tech tools to help you find what you have lost. With equal enthusiasm, God looks for us — and then throws a party when we are found.

There are more than 105 million parking spaces in America, and your vehicle is probably occupying one of them.

But which one?

That’s not a hard question while you are parked in your church lot, but even with that small space, people sometimes forget which side of the building they parked on and exit by the wrong door.

Now think Disney World. The parking areas there include more than 46,000 slots, and every day, a good number of guests cannot remember in which one they left their car. Visitors arrive at the theme park revved up to have a good time, and they aren’t paying attention. What’s more, they may be piloting a rental whose color and make they haven’t noticed, but even if they have, it’s identical to several hundred other cars nearby.

Disney employees do what they can to help absent-minded visitors observe where they park. Each parking section has a Disney character name — Chip & Dale, Pluto, Goofy, Dopey, etc. — clearly identified with prominently posted pictures. As arriving ...

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