Bringing the Text to Life

Feed, Tend, Feed John 21:1-19

Feed, Tend, Feed

Thousands of rubber duckies have taken to the high seas, floating to and fro on a voyage across the globe. We can go with the flow like these wave-bobbing bath toys, or stay on track with the discipleship directives of Jesus.

It was a swan dive, straight into the sea.

Swan dive is perhaps not the best description. “Duck dive” is closer to the truth, since the divers were rubber duckies. Twenty large containers of rubber duckies and other bath toys were riding a cargo ship from China to Seattle. When a violent storm struck the ship back in 1992, these 20 containers of toys were tossed into the ocean.

Feared to be lost were almost 29,000 rubber duckies, frogs, beavers and turtles.

But don’t cry for these bathtub voyagers. They survived and embarked on an epic journey across three oceans and half the globe. So tough are these toys that they have stayed afloat for more than a decade, enduring the assault of wind and wave, and probably spending several winters frozen in an arctic ice floe.

Through it all, they have endured, although constant exposure to the elements has caused their bright yellow skin to become bleached, white as a bone.

Their 12-year odyssey has finally brought them to the East Coast, causing...

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