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The Resurrection Sleep Number 1 Corinthians 15:19-26

The Resurrection Sleep Number

Find the perfect sleep number and you’ll finally get a good night of rest. Looks like Jesus had a lousy sleep number.

Kamato Hongo of Kagoshima, Japan, passed away last fall, and her death may have gone unmentioned except for the fact that she died at the age of 116 — at the time, the world’s oldest person.

Hongo was born on April 8, 1887, married in 1914, had seven children, and lots of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

She died with her sense of humor still quite active, and on the day of her death, she performed a little hand dance peculiar to her native region in Japan.

But forget she’s 116. Here’s the interesting part: When she was 110, she had a hip operation, and after the operation, her sleeping habits began to change. She would sleep an entire day, which was then followed by being up for an entire day. When she died, she was sleeping for two solid days, followed by two days of staying wide awake. For the five years before her death this was her custom.

Here’s a lady who obviously had discovered her sleep number.

What’s our sleep number?

Our Resurrection Sleep Number ...

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