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The God of Quantum Dots Isaiah 43:16-21

The God of Quantum Dots

Tiny machines may someday be injected into the human body to repair organs and fight disease, thanks to advances in nanotechnology. But the use of small things is really nothing new. Nothing is bigger — or smaller — than God.

For an alternate approach pertaining to Philippians 3:4b-14, see The Miracle Mile on page 36.

Quantum dots.

It sounds oxymoronic. But what are they?

Quantum dots are nano-sized semiconductor crystals that fluoresce when irradiated. Attach these dots to a pair of genes, and they become markers to track biological processes.

In plain English, quantum dots may revolutionize computing, telecommunications and medicine, allowing trillions of bits of information to fit on the size of a pinhead. These dots could be as tiny as a few molecules, and constructed out of both organic and inorganic matter. The promise of these nanomachines is truly mind-boggling, reports Foreign Policy magazine: Injected into our bodies, they have potential to fix malfunctioning organs and fight disease. Launched into outer space or into bodies of water, they could mine precious resources or fight pollution. Installed in consumer electronics, they could give our mobile phones and wristwatches the problem-solving power of supercomputers.

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