Bringing the Text to Life

God’s Area Code Exodus 34:29-35

God’s Area Code

Manhattan’s area code, 212, is a highly desirable little number to have, one that boasts of living and doing business on the most powerful piece of real estate in the world. But shouldn’t we give thought to an even more important area code?


It’s the area code for Manhattan, New York City. The most envied, desirable, sought-after area code in the world — bar none.

It screams power, prestige, privilege and preferment to anyone you do business with. Those three digits alone proclaim that you are someone to be reckoned with.

Don’t have a Manhattan area code? (Remember how desperately Elaine tried to get one in that episode of Seinfeld?) Not to worry.

Vonage, a voice-over-IP phone service will sell you a 212 area code for your use whether you live in Manhattan or Maui. This area code (or any other area code you may want) will work anywhere there’s a broadband connection. Vonage provides a portable adapter that plugs into a DSL route or cable modem which, in turn, converts your analog calls into digital signals.

That Vonage has such a huge market base for electronic hypocrisy like this says that we Americans know that to be powerful, you must be connected to the powerful; to be wealthy, you must be connected to the wealthy; to ...

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