Bringing the Text to Life

Inflatable Church Luke 5:1-11

Inflatable Church

Sometimes the church seems institutionally heavy. Have we forgotten our tradition of pilgrimage and mobility? Not if you’re the pastor of an inflatable church!

For $35,000, you can have a luxury sedan. Or a lovely Gothic church.

Take your pick.

It’s hard to believe, but for the price of a well-equipped Infiniti G35 luxury car, you can now buy yourself a fully loaded, 47-foot-high place of worship. It’s got Gothic arches, an organ, a pulpit, an altar, space for 60 and even some stained-glass-style windows.

All for 35K, which sounds like a deal, or even a steal.

The problem is, this building is a balloon.

The world’s first inflatable church made its debut last May in England, and its creator hopes that it will “breathe new life into Christianity.” Featured on CNN and other media outlets, the church is designed to fit in the back of a truck so that it can be hauled to village squares or open fields and set up for impromptu services.

Time was when churches were the centers of community life, but “sadly, that’s not the case anymore,” laments the innovator behind the inflatable church. “This is one way to reverse that trend, make the church more...

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