Bringing the Text to Life

Vegas Vows John 2:1-11

Vegas Vows

Couples today are staging some oddball weddings: At transfer stations, on suspension bridges, in front of convenience stores. But there was nothing strange about the wedding in Cana of Galilee … at least until the wine ran out.

Michelle — not her real name — is a Michigan woman who works at a 7-11. She loves her customers, her work and her fiancé.

So she married him on the asphalt outside the 7-11 on 7/11 — July 11th — carrying her bouquet in a Super Big Gulp cup. At the reception, hot dogs and Slurpees were served at reduced prices.

In Washington state, a wedding was celebrated 18 stories up atop the Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge soaring over Puget Sound and high above the speeding traffic whizzing by down below. The happy twosome walked what may be the longest aisle in wedding history.

In Maine, one couple first met at their town transfer station — locally known as The Dump. He had just starting working there. She had just brought her first recyclables. They plan to be married where they met while standing in the bucket loader. Town folk have been donating returnable bottles to build a honeymoon fund. The couple is seeking ways to incorporate recycled objects into their wedding outfits. They can’t wait...

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