Bringing the Text to Life

Pi and a Tiger Acts 4:5-12

Pi and a Tiger

A kid is stuck in a lifeboat out in the ocean with a tiger and suddenly is confronted with issues of faith and fear. Peter found himself in a similar situation. How did he respond? How would we respond?

It’s a tale about a boy in a boat. With a tiger.

But first ... two strangers sit at a tiny table in a crammed and bustling coffee house, on Nehru Street, in southeastern India, on the Bay of Bengal, sipping coffee and conversing in the easy way that strangers can.

It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s crowded with humanity. The aromatic coffee is delicious. Their cups are sipped empty.

At the table of two is an old man, a native of that region, and a young Canadian, a harried traveler and a writer, with nothing to write and a train to catch.

“I have a story that will make you believe in God,” the old man promises.

A story.

Not an analysis. Not a report. Not a study. Not an essay.

But a story.

We don’t reach faith through reason or research. We reach faith through stories and experiences. A well-told tale has the power to guide us to God, or into a deeper, more consequential connection with God.

Peter, the apostle, who found himself in trouble in the text before us, told a story that he hoped might help ...

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