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The Towel of Jesus John 12:12-16

The Towel of Jesus

Images of Christ have been crafted for ages, icons and portraits that attempt to put us face to face with our Lord. But what is Jesus really like?

What did Jesus look like?

A laughing, short-bearded Jesus with dirty blond hair and blue eyes?

What about an African Jesus?

Or a clean-shaven Jesus, arms outstretched at the Last Supper?

Or an Asian Jesus with his Asian mother at his side?

Take your pick.

Picture the face of Jesus in your imagination. What do you see? Does he have an aquiline nose? Hair the color of walnut wood, parted in the middle, hanging straight to the ears, maybe turning to waves down to his shoulders?

Does he have a dark beard, dark eyes, tanned olive skin, high cheekbones, a narrow, handsome face filled with passion and kindness, and in his dark eyes, fire and compassion?

Is this how you picture him? Is this his true likeness?

Many centuries ago, an icon of Jesus was painted with these very familiar features. It is called The Mandylion Icon, from the Greek, meaning The Towel. Orthodox Christian tradition claims this icon as the first painting of Jesus. It is believed to be an accurate representation of his true...

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