Bringing the Text to Life

Creative Insecurity Mark 8:31-38

Creative Insecurity

You can now buy an SUV with a hidden, laser-guided gun platform. But by following Jesus, we tap into the most powerful force in human history, a godly grenade launcher that destroys the power of Satan, sin and death.

Suffering is out. Security is in. That’s why there’s a market for a most unusual SUV.

This particular sport utility vehicle rolls out of the Ibis Tek shop in Butler, Pennsylvania, and it looks from the outside like one of the suburban cruisers piloted by millions of soccer moms. But with the flip of a switch, the sunroof opens and a weapon pops out. You can take your pick: .50-caliber M2 machine gun, or 40mm grenade launcher.

Better not get between that momma and her soccer practice.

Fortunately, these heavily armed people-movers aren’t available in the United States. But according to the Associated Press, they are being shipped by Ibis Tek to hot spots like the Middle East, where the expression, “Have a safe trip,” is more than a pleasantry. It’s more like a prayer.

Simon Peter would have appreciated a ride like this for Jesus and the disciples. Peter was concerned about security, and he actually rebuked his master when Jesus began to teach that “the Son of Man must undergo great...

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