Bringing the Text to Life

A Googlewhack God Exodus 3:1-15

A Googlewhack God

Something that is only one of its kind out of three billion is unique - to say the least! In the Exodus text, we run across a bush, a prophet and God - all rarities for a specific reason.

Cuneiform meatspace.

Carburetor logotype.

No doubt about it, these phrases don't make much sense. But they are not without significance. The two have something in common, something cool in common - in a geekish sort of way. Both are "googlewhacks," that is, phrases that appear only once in a search of over three billion Web pages.

For those who don't have a life, a new time-waster is emerging on the Internet, a game called "googlewhacking," the invention of some search-obsessed fans of, the search engine that can quickly scour the length and breadth of the World Wide Web.

The object of googlewhacking is simple enough - even an Internet neophyte can play. A participant types two words into the Google search line with the hopes of pulling off a single search result.

Try, for example, the phrase "burning bush."

Results: Google displays results 1 through 10 of about 324,000. That's a long way from a googlewhack. In fact, we missed by 323,999. The result we are looking for is labeled...

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