Bringing the Text to Life

Custom Harvesters Matthew 9:35-10:8 (9-23)

Custom Harvesters

To do the work that Jesus calls us to do - to gather in the souls that God plants and tends until they are ripe for picking - takes dedication, long hours and an approach that is both creative and customized.

Jacob Swier, 14, is a nomad of sorts. Every summer he wanders south toward Texas from the Midwest, travels west across the South and then angles northward through Colorado, Wyoming, eastern Oregon and Washington, until, by summer's end, he's near the Canadian border.

He travels with his sister Jill, 12, and older brother Justin, 17. They're not homeless; in fact, Mom and Dad Swier organize and orchestrate their annual peregrinations.

They're custom harvesters, and they - along with many families like them, cut wheat for western farmers on a contract basis. He's only 14, but Jacob is a pro on the combine; Justin is old enough to haul grain to the elevator; Jill, along with her mother Pat, helps clean the RV campers and get the evening meals ready for the entire crew. (Jill wanted to drive a combine, since she's old enough and skilled enough, and her dad said it was okay, but her mom needed her help inside, so that's where and how Jill contributes to the family's well-being and...

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