Bringing the Text to Life

Faith Rhythms Genesis 12:1-9

Faith Rhythms

When Abraham set his clock to Divine Standard Time, he established a new rhythm for his life, one that created both perils and possibilities.

Leslie "Sly" Arinto of Manila in the Philippines, is a telemarketer for Immequire, a call center that peddles credit card processing services to merchants in the United States.

Arinto is part of the "Eastern Standard Tribe," who live in a world where circadian rhythms are ignored, then forgotten. She lives in a world out of step and out of sync in a rhythm of her own. When the sun rises over the Hudson River, bringing another New York business day, Arinto is dressed, ready and at her Manila desk. She works "the graveyard shift" to sell to "the daylight shift" of American business.

Whatever Arinto gains by living this way, whatever she loses, one thing is certain - for her, and those like her, life is never the same. She lives according to a new rhythm.

Arinto is part of a new international movement of companies with a global reach made up of executives, bilingual customer services reps and all-night gamers who, in order to earn a living, or have some fun, set their clocks to Eastern...

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