Bringing the Text to Life

Special Ops Matthew 28:16-20

Special Ops

Christ calls us to be clandestine commandos - not fighters, but people who leave places of comfort and light to do the hard work of mission in the shadows.

They're the "snake eaters."

The "night stalkers."

The super-secret Delta Force.

Together, they're a nightmare for enemies of the United States - a wake-up-screaming, bed-sheet-soaking, bone-chilling nightmare. They're clandestine commandos.

Also known as Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Green Berets, Marines and Air Force Special Operations teams, these elite military personnel are trained to launch small-scale attacks from aboard Navy ships.

Call them Special Ops, for short. Special operations troops offer much of what it may take to root out a network of terrorists in places like Afghanistan, Somalia or Sudan.

You rarely hear much about the military's elite forces, and that's by design. They operate in the dark of night, behind enemy lines, below the radar, on missions that regular troops might think border on madness.

"They are a hammer in the kisser," said Andy Messing, a retired major from the Army special forces. "They're directed like light coming out of the magnifying glass. The beam of ...

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