Bringing the Text to Life

Good and Evil in Aisle 7 Ephesians 5:8-14

Good and Evil in Aisle 7

Paul calls us to look beyond the righting of retailer wrongs -- real or imagined -- and to focus on being children of light in a world of darkness.

Prices are not the only things falling at Wal-Mart.

Could be a toaster or a Veg-a-matic.
Take Phil Scharrel, for example. An ice auger fell 19 feet before hitting him on the head, leaving him with brain damage. He and his wife sued and were awarded $2.8 million.

Then there's Barbara Trujillo, whose back was injured when boxes from a push cart toppled on her. She sued and won $435,000.

Kathleen Mills, fired after her own father was "attacked" by a wayward box while shopping at Wal-Mart, insists that signs should be posted at all entries declaring that "shopping in this store may be hazardous to your health."

According to Wal-Mart's very own Claims Management Department, tumbling merchandise fell on top of more than 25,000 human beings over a recent four-year period. In another legal case, experts testified that an average of 150 shoppers a day, nationwide, are injured due to falling merchandise or merchandise dropped by employees onto unsuspecting shoppers pushing carts down the aisles....

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