Bringing the Text to Life

Presenting the Fly Matthew 4:12-23

Presenting the Fly

[NOTE: We're in the dead of winter. Football's almost over. Time to daydream about the idyllic days of summer and quick trips to a clear stream and trout waiting to leap at your lure. In the Matthew text we're studying today, Jesus himself uses the fishing metaphor. So don your hip waders, grab a fly-fishing pole, and waddle to center platform. Practice your casting ahead of time so that when you sail one down the aisle you don't clip Aunt Mabel's hat, or Harry's toupee.]

The moment Jesus begins preaching repentance, he also calls some fishermen to be his disciples, saying, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Jesus casts the line, presents the fly, and sets the hook. Ever since then, from that time along the shores of the Sea of Galilee to today, discipleship, evangelism and fishing have often been spun from the same reel and rod.

We are each fishers for Christ, evangelists who are invited by God to fish for souls. As believers, we know that faith is more art than logic, more heart than mind.

We share the beautiful rhythm of a life lived in Christ, immersed in the river of God, in the river of life, while standing sure-footed on the river's rounded, rocky bottom, alone in the river, yet with the company of others, within its flow, enjoying the fresh force of its surge. It is here, in the river itself, in our life full of chances, that God calls us, through Christ, to call others to Christ, to fish for souls, to present the fly of faith.


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