Bringing the Text to Life

Hands-on God Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4

Hands-on God

Since the events of 9/11, many people are asking "Where was God in all of this?" Habakkuk has a similar question when he looks at the havoc caused by the ancient Chaldeans.

There are some people who want to drive golf balls while talking on the phone. Or drive their cars while doing a long-distance deal.
For folks like these, the key to contentment is a "hands-free earpiece" for their cell phone. Touted as "The Safest Way to Use Your Cellular Phone," this earpiece and cord combination gives you the convenience of complete hands-free use - no more one-handed club-swinging, or dangerous driving while you talk on the phone!
[Interactive idea: Step out of the pulpit, strap on a cell phone with hands-free earpiece, pick up a golf club, and take a few practice swings. Start to have a loud conversation through your cell phone, along the lines of: "Larry, how you doing? I'm having a GREAT morning. Practicing my golf swing, preaching a sermon, and talking with you ... all at the same time!"]
For Fred Proust of Quakerstown, Pensylvania, it looked like November 2, 1999, would be a busy day. He had a lunch date and full schedule and he was running late. He picked up ...

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