Bringing the Text to Life

Gig Romans 12:1-8


Sometimes the word "layperson" seems rather lame. But not when you are called by God to transform the world through your daily labor.

Clean your clutter.
Michelle Passoff heard those words and decided that, at 40, she needed a career change. After 20 years in public relations, she was finding the work to be thankless and uninteresting.
So, she says, "I did a lot of thinking about what kind of business the world needs right now, and what it means to be a human being and a woman right now. I looked at the kind of problems we face around all those things. And I kept getting the same message in each area of inquiry, which was: Clean your clutter!"
"I'm serious," she says. "In all areas of your life there is just too much clutter - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. Think about it."
Michelle is now a "Clutter Consultant." She has a business that helps people deal with papers, clothes, furniture, memorabilia, and other stuff through the exercise of "clutter-cleaning." Michelle sees private clients, grants interviews, and speaks nationally, working six days a week, 12 hours a day. She has a book on the market called...

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