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Ask Mr. Manners Luke 14:1, 7-14

Ask Mr. Manners

In a culture of confrontation, and a country that has lost its civility, the church should be the one place where people know how to treat each other with respect and honor.

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The rules of etiquette are everywhere. Positively pervasive.
That's why Jay Leno, ever the model of decorum, has offered some tips of his own for those who plan, or attend, weddings.
Politely waiting in the receiving line for 10 minutes to kiss the bride ... Good Etiquette. Kissing the bride for 10 minutes ... Bad Etiquette.
The guests place their gifts by the sign reading "Gift Table" ... Good Etiquette. The groom places the gifts by the sign reading "Yard Sale" ... Bad Etiquette.
The bride and the groom thank Uncle Harold for his check ... Good Etiquette. They ask Uncle Harold for two forms of ID before accepting the check ...Bad Etiquette
The bride comes down the aisle to the organist playing "Here Comes the Bride" ... Good Etiquette. The bride comes down the aisle to the organist playing "Lola" by the Kinks ... Bad Etiquette.
But ...

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