Bringing the Text to Life

Scarless Healing Genesis 45:3-11, 15

Scarless Healing

Scientists have come up with "biodegradable scaffolds" that jump-start the repair of injured skin. But physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual injuries are everywhere - how do you heal these wounds?

The topic would be perfect for Jenny Jones: Siblings who sell each other into slavery.

Picture the sons of Jacob on stage, a line-up of coarse and questionable characters who openly admit to selling their teenage brother Joseph down the river. No doubt they'd bluster about why they did it:

"I hated him."

"Dad loved him best."

"He had the fancy robe, and wouldn't get his hands dirty."

"The kid drove me crazy with his dreams"

"Thought he was the king of us!"

And then they'd explain just how they pulled it off:

"We thought about killing him."

"Wanted to throw dream-boy into a pit."

"Yeah, kill him and throw him in a pit."

"Say that the wild animals ate him."

"But Reuben said no - said we shouldn't kill him."

"So we stripped him and we sold him."

"Yeah - sold him to some Ishmaelites."

"Got 20 pieces of silver for him."

"Pretty good money."

Finally, Jenny would bring out the surprise guest: Their long-lost brother Joseph, who ended up as chief minister in Egypt. "I am your brother," he'd reveal. "And now...

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