Bringing the Text to Life

Voyager Church John 17:20-26

Voyager Church

Before Royal Caribbean built the world's largest cruise ship, they needed to figure out the plain purpose of the company's existence. Perhaps the church should take the same sort of trip.

Noah's Ark was once the biggest passenger boat around. It was no Titanic, but it served its purpose - and unlike Titanic, it stayed afloat.

Now, when we talk monstrous, we're talking about one very large, very expensive and very well-designed luxury liner which could probably float Noah's boat in the deck pool.

It's called Voyager of the Seas, and it's the biggest on the water - 25 percent bigger than any other cruise ship plying the seas today.

She's almost three and a half football fields long and scrapes the sky at 15 decks high. She weighs in at 137,276 gross tons, has room aboard for 3,843 guests and seats 1,890 persons for dinner. She sports an ice-skating rink, an in-line skating track, a rock-climbing wall, a lengthy promenade, a five- story theater, a $12 million art budget and a crew of 1,181. Her cost? A cool $700 million!

So why build the biggest luxury cruise ship in history? Does size matter? Is bigger better?

Richard Fain, CEO of Royal Caribbean, the ship's owner, wanted...

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