Bringing the Text to Life

Jurassic Bark Amos 7:7-17

Jurassic Bark

We build our own dangerous dinosaurs — creatures who crush and crumble the structures of our lives, devouring the innocent and stepping on the guilty. Just like the people in Amos' day, we're in Jurassic jeopardy when we flaunt the laws of God.

Better buy your big buttered popcorn. Get yourself a mammoth iced soda with a long, thin straw. Find a center cinema seat and prepare yourself for primal fear, toothy terror and bone-crunching horror, because in just three days - on Wednesday, July 18 - Jurassic Park 3 is scheduled to open in a theater near you.

Will this flick give us what we expect? Will we get the fright we paid for? If JP and JP 2 are precedent-setting, we will.

In the first Jurassic Park we felt tingling terror as the terrible T-Rex, our nightmares personified, runs throbbing and thundering after the heroes' speeding SUV in the rain and dark, with the filmmaker's camera focused on the passenger side exterior mirror. There we clearly see what the characters see, a monstrous brute intent on catching a human dinner - while at the same time we read the mundane words, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." Yikes!

Naturally, people get eaten.

It's a formula that seems to please us. JP 2 is more of the same, and...

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