Bringing the Text to Life

Failure Chic Galatians 6:(1-6), 7-16

Failure Chic

Motivational speakers are singing a new tune these days,
doing a riff on a familiar theme from the apostle Paul.

The ubiquitous infomercial has one goal: to sell you a product that will put you on the path to good health or financial or emotional success. The spiel for the Juiceman II Automatic Juice Extractor, pitched by Jay "The Juiceman" Kordich, for example, includes the following:

Are you looking to ward off premature death?

Then get away from the donuts and the Snickers bars and the cheesecakes ... Go to life! Go to life!

The purest mineral waters are the waters of the plants. They are the true waters of life.

Parsley is the third most nutritious food on planet earth. Don't underestimate parsley.

Think, think, think, think why you need a juicer. Listen, listen very carefully.

You have a choice, you know: health or disease, life or premature death. It's in your hands. I leave it up to you. So make that call now! Not all infomercials are deceptive. But what snake-oil salesmen do in infomercials, motivational speakers, who enjoy a much better reputation, do on the lecture circuit. These good...

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